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Impakt Paper Pallets is design as innovation system with flexible construction, high strength characteristics made of 100% Kraft paper with water resistance coating doesn't need fumigation for export. Impakt pallets are light weight than wooden pallets by 35%.

Impakt paper pallets fulfill all requirements of today's cleanness needs as Compare to wooden pallets and free from fungus which are commonly associates with moist wooden pallets.

Impakt Paper pallets are in different sizes as per market demand for EG 800mm x 800mm to 1000mm x 1200mm in 2 and 4 way entry solutions.

• Mainly used in International & Domestic market by Air, Sea, Rail and Land.
• Low shipping cost compare to wooden pallets.
• Heavy weight carrying capability
• Available in water resistance configurations.
• Not required fumigation for export purpose.
• Carrying load of 100kg to 1500kg depend on the product cost.
• Our pallets are Nail & Splinters free.

• Cleanness
• Eco friendly
• Biogradable
• Recyclable

The cardboard pallet is completely build up as a classic wooden pallet.
Completely unique in its kind and a revolution in the logistics world.

The cardboard pallet is by its construction suitable for subsequent use
• In 2-way and 4-way use
• Using pallet jacks
• Using pallet position : Unit 1000 kg dynamic load, Unit 3000 kg static load, Unit 500 kg pallet rack load

The cardboard pallet with all its benefits is highly suitable for use in industries as :
• Chemical Industry
• Pharmaceutical Industry
• Cosmetic Industry
• Wholesale and Retail
• Paper and Board Industry
• Automotive Industry
• Electronics
• Logistics
• Food Industry



THE CARDBOARD PALLET : innovative and ecofriendly

Besides the existing range of standard models. We also manufacture custom cardboard pallets



We have also introduced our pallet block, which can replace by full pallets as well the paper and wooden pallet.

It is very useful for Air shipment as its very low weight compare to wooden pallet.

Sizes are available as per your requirement and weight.

The pallet block can replace the full pallet and all kind of pallets as it is light weight and can with stand load upto 1.5 M.T. It can be customised as per the requirement and its very easy to handle you can use the block as per your requirement (i.e. 2 , 3, 4, 5, Blocks) depending upon the length, width & weight of product. The pallet block is four way.



    There are 8 basic interactive parameters that determine pallet suitability for a given application. These parameters are Strength, Stiffness, Durability, Functionality, and Purchase Price. These parameters are interactive, and optimizing just one (i.e. minimizing price) will impact the others. The proper balance of these 5 parameters will vary, depending on your specific product and distribution environments. They hold true regardless of the pallet material used. Each of the 8 parameters is discussed in more detail below.


    1. STRENGTH :
    Is the load carrying capacity throughout the shipping and storage environments. We must design pallets that are strong enough to support the required load.
    • Static load of 1000-3000 kg.
    • Dynamic of 150-1000 kg.
    • Pallet load in pallet rack to 500 kg


    2. HYGIENIC :
    • Always clean - No mould
    • No. Sawdusts
    • Free from pets or parasiters - meets the ISPM
     15 - standard

    Around the World

    3. Around the World :
    • Worldwide Applicable
    • No regulatory restrications


    4. Lightweight:
    • Very light
    • Manageable by the construction and material choice
    • From 2 up to 8 kg ergonomic


    5. Price :
    Is an important design criterion, and often given more consideration that the other factors. This leads to pallet designs that look economical up front, but end up "costing" much more as they are used. Balance the price of the pallet versus the value of the product delivered without damage to the customer. Balance the price versus potential savings in packaging and material handling savings.

    These five parameters are interactive, and optimizing just one will significantly impact the others. The better your understanding of this interactive balance, the more likely you are to select the ideal pallet material and design for your product and material handling environment.
    • Competitive prices
    • Compared with wood & Plastic
    • Cost saving - Lower transport cost to to less weight
      ( air cargo )

    Moisture Resistant

    6. Moisture Resistant:
    • Cold water resistant
    • Suitable for cooling
    • Freezing application


    7. Nature:
    • 100% Recyclable
    • Made from recycled paper
    • Not enviromental improvement


    8. Safety:
    • Smooth Planks - No injuries due to splinters
    • Sharp frogments & Staples or Nails

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